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Siempre Es Hoy (Spanish for It is always today) is the third album by Argentine rock musician Gustavo Cerati.

The album was advertised as “Cerati’s Rock Album”, however, it has a more of an electronic style than rock. Music critics were pleased with Siempre es Hoy, giving it ratings ranging from 4 to 5 stars.

Some of the songs were remixed for the 2003 album, Reversiones: Siempre Es Hoy. These songs were remixed by several guest musicians including Leandro Fresco, Bostich-Nordec, Miranda!, and DJ Orange, all to various electronic-music styles.

Track listing

  1. “Cosas Imposibles” (Impossible Things)
  2. “No Te Creo” (I Don’t Believe in You)
  3. “Artefacto” (Artifact)
  4. “Nací Para Esto” (I Was Born for This)
  5. “Amo Dejarte Asi” (I Love To Leave You Like This)
  6. “Tu Cicatriz en Mi” (Your Scar In Me)
  7. “Señales Luminosas” (Luminous Signals)
  8. “Karaoke”
  9. “Sulky”
  10. “Casa” (House)
  11. “Camuflaje” (Camouflage)
  12. “Altar”
  13. “Torre de Marfil” (Ivory Tower)
  14. “Fantasma” (Ghost)
  15. “Vivo” (Alive)
  16. “Sudestada” (Southeast blow)
  17. “Especie” (Species)



Siempre es hoy

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